Lifestyle fotografie

Lifestyle photographer
Lifestyle photography is actually a certain mix of portrait and documentary photography. I capture reality, something that takes place in front of my camera, I always use natural light, so I first look at where the light comes from and direct where necessary to make the image more exciting. In this way I remove disturbing factors (such as a telephone or a dead plant, waste, etc.). This is something you will not see in documentary photography; the intention is that you do not direct anything and leave everything as you find it.
Natural light is an important aspect of lifestyle photography for me. In all my lifestyle photoshoots I look at the weather forecast, when the sun rises or sets. A low-hanging sun creates a beautiful glow that makes the image special in my opinion. If this is not an option, I also like to take lifestyle photos in the middle of the day, although many photographers prefer to avoid this, I think it is nice to play with the bright sunlight. I place my model in front of the sun so that there is an angelic light around the face. There are many ways to make an image exciting by means of light.
At a lifestyle photo shoot, I shoot on location, this mainly takes place outside. I take my model outside, looking for a nice location that we have discussed in advance, meanwhile I make sure my model is comfortable by getting to know each other. In the meantime, I not only shoot images of the model, but lifestyle photography also consists of shooting the environment. If we are in a beautiful forest, I will also take pictures of the light that shines through the trees. Or when we're on the beach, I'll take a close-up of the sand, which the wind has left a pattern on.
At Lifestyle photos I think it is important that my model does not pose too much, I take photos with a natural and casual look. This is part of my style. Directions such as “take a sip of coffee”, “walk to the right”, or “pour some tea from the thermos into the glass”, help to preserve the natural look and put a model at ease. By having a model do something, you will not get any posed lifestyle photos. Many people find it difficult to pose, you can see this immediately on the image. By adding natural movements you ensure that there is a flow in the lifestyle photos.
Because Lifestyle photography actually shows daily life, I like to take my camera with me on the road. A cup of coffee with a friend, a beach volleyball tournament with friends, family visits, or visiting a city, I always have my camera with me. You never know what you will encounter. Because I always have my camera with me, I have been able to capture many beautiful moments through lifestyle photos. You can bring something beautiful every day.
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